Illinois - Supplemental Jurisdictional Examination NHA Exam -
Illinois - Supplemental Jurisdictional Examination NHA Exam -
Illinois - Supplemental Jurisdictional Examination NHA Exam -

Illinois - Supplemental Jurisdictional Examination NHA Exam

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Here is a copy of the Illinois NHA Study Guide provided by the IDFPR


Subpart A General Provisions Sections 300.110 through 300.340

Subpart B Administration Section 300.510

Subpart C Medical Staffing Section 300.1230

Subpart K Maintenance, Housekeeping and Laundry Sections 300.2210 through 300.2230

Subpart L Furnishings, Equipment and Supplies Sections 300.2410 through 300.2430

Subpart M Water Supply/Sewage Disposal Sections 300.2610 through 300.2640

Subparts N/O Design/Construction Standards Sections 300.2810 through 300.3140

Subpart R Daycare Programs Section 300.3710

POLICY AND PERSONNEL 15% of examination

Subpart C Policies Sections 300.610 through 300.690

Subpart D Personnel Sections 300.810 through 300.840

MEDICAL SERVICES 35% of examination

Subpart E Medical/Dental Care Sections 300.1010 through 300.1050

Subpart F Nursing/Personal Care Sections 300.1210 through 300.1240

Subpart H Medications Sections 300.1610 through 300.1650

RESIDENT SERVICES 33% of examination

Subpart G Resident Care Services Sections 300.1410 through 300.1430

Subpart I Records Sections 300.1810 through 300.1880

Subpart J Food Service Sections 300.2010 through 300.2110

Food Service Sanitation Rules/Regulations Sections 750.100 through 750.1700

Subpart P Residents' Rights Sections 300.3210 through 300.3330

Subpart S Persons with Serious Mental Illness Sections 300.4000 through 300.4090

Subpart U Alzheimer’s Special Care Units Sections 300.7000 through 300.7080

For more information please contact the IDFPR at

1 - 50 question printable practice test with associated answer keys.

Our format for each question and answer is simple.  All questions were derived directly from the regulations and code sections prescribed by your state.  From these texts, we create our questions of either a situational context or a direct statement of fact about the regulation.  With this format, we are encouraging the test taker to use both Recognition and Recall. 

In our Answer Key, we include not only the correct option (A - B - C - D), but we also include actual code or regulation text from which it was referenced, as well the section number from where it came. 

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