Alabama - NHA Exam Practice Tests

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1 50 question practice test referenced from the Rules, Codes, and Procedures set forth in the following:

The Long Term Care Survey

The American Health Care Association

The Long-Term Care Enforcement Procedures– Item 6179 

The American Health Care Association

Rules of Alabama State Board of Health - Nursing Homes, Chapter 420- 5-10 (Blue Book) 

Alabama Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators Rules and Regulations Chapter 620

Alabama Medicaid Agency Administrative Code:

Chapter 22 - Nursing Facility Reimbursement

Chapter 10 - Long-Term Care


For more information about Alabama Nursing Home Administration and how to obtain a license in the state, please click here:


These are our latest NHA Exam Practice Tests available at this time.   The Nursing Home Administrators Exam is a difficult, dynamic, exam that earns the taker the very well respected Licensed Nursing Home Administrator title.  In the Long Term Care industry, there are few other titles that carry as much respect and authority.  Both as business healthcare professional and visionary, but also as an instructor for all departments and a legal reference for anything and everything related to all duties in an LTC environment.  A nursing home administrator is never out of touch with their staff, this is a hands-on position.  We wish you all the best of luck on your exams, from all of us at





1 - 50 question printable NHA practice test with associated answer key.

Our format for each question and answer is simple.  All questions were derived directly from the regulations decided upon by your state.  From these regulations, we create our questions and of course, our answers.  We always provide you will the exact citation of the text and its location within. example(Section 4, Par 5)  With this format, we are encouraging the test taker to use both Recognition and Recall. 

In our Answer Key, we include not only the correct option (A - B - C - D), but we also include actual code or regulation text from which it was referenced, as well the section number from where it came. 

We wish you the very best of luck on your Nursing Home Administrator Examination and we hope that our practice test helps to ensure your success. 


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