Study tip for those about to take the NHA exam, what can it hurt?

Everyone has methods of studying that works for them. Or maybe someone is seeking a new way to study, open to trying something new for a change. Anyone open for a new method of study before taking this exam. This applies to both the National NAB Exam and the difficult, State Exam.

Tip 1.

Gather your study material into one repository. Look at what you have to study and repeat to yourself; I will remember word for word everything here, and I will pass my exam.

Tip 2.

Positive thought creates a positive reality. Don't just tell yourself that you know the material, believe that you know the material. Imagine you are a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator. This study material is review for you. Every word you read has already been read by you, the information came from you, it is not foreign or new.

Tip 3.

Read through your material quickly. Do not try to make sense of anything, or incorporate what you read into your life. Read the words and feel the show.

Tip 4.

Read back through your material again. Now this time, create test questions from what you read.  Locate action statements and directives that you can create a challenge to. When making a test question, I find that I often read a section many times over before I am comfortable that I understand what is being presented and can now ask it in a question.  Do this with everything you have to study and you will be the expert of the material come exam day.


As always,  from all of us, we wish you the very best of luck on all of your exam endeavors.

AITExam Crew